Frequently Asked Questions

What is ENTR, and how does it work?

ENTR is an innovation intelligence platform for packaged food & beverage teams. With ENTR, your team can efficiently manage ingredient and supplier data, reduce compliance risk and errors, and launch the products consumers want - faster.

What industries/sectors and countries does ENTR serve?

We currently support packaged food and beverage companies that are selling in the US and Canada. Join our mailing list to stay up to date on the latest product updates.

What size company is ENTR best for?

ENTR works well for a range of company sizes, whether your team is just launching into retail or has extensive product development and regulatory compliance needs. Efficient data management and proactive compliance and innovation workflows are crucial, no matter your company size.

How do early-stage companies leverage ENTR to optimize their workflows?

Early-stage companies use ENTR to streamline product development and compliance, ensuring faster and more efficient processes.

How do mid-market companies leverage ENTR to optimize their workflow?

Mid-market companies utilize ENTR to manage complex workflows, improve collaboration, and maintain compliance with industry standards.

I’m a consultant. Can I use ENTR?

Absolutely - contact us for our flexible consultant pricing. 

I use an existing system for nutritional analysis and am considering switching to new software like ENTR. What should I know?

We know that moving systems can be intimidating, and we’re here to make it as smooth and stress-free as possible for you and your team. Our customers have described our data migration process from other legacy software systems as “white glove” and “seamless". We make sure that all the data you need is available from the moment your team starts using ENTR. 

We also make it incredibly easy for you and your team to ask us questions and give feedback during onboarding to make sure that everyone is on the same page and comfortable with the software. Making sure our customers have a fantastic experience is very important to us!

Is ENTR easy to use?

ENTR was designed to be the most user-friendly product formulation and nutritional analysis software on the market. Every feature was built with feedback from industry experts to be as intuitive as possible to use and is regularly vetted and tested by experts for accuracy.

What is ENTR's data policy?

Your data is yours. We will never hold it hostage. We follow best-in-class security protocols to ensure your data is always secure. 

How can I get started with ENTR?

Book a demo here to get started today!

I need help using the ENTR platform. Who can I reach out to?

Email us anytime at

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