Understanding Nutrient Content Claims

Chelsea Hawk
October 26, 2023

A nutrient content claim is a claim on a food product that directly or by implication characterizes the level of a nutrient in the food (e.g., "low fat," "high in oat bran," or "contains 100 calories").

Nutrient content claims are based on the nutritional content of a product paired with the nutrient level requirements provided by the FDA. All approved nutrient content claims may be printed on food and beverage labels.

A nutrient content claim may be no more than twice as prominent as the statement of identity (the name of the food). Specifically, the type size of the claim may be no more than two times the type size of the statement of identity. If the style of the type makes the claim unduly prominent compared to the statement of identity, it will be in violation of the regulations (even if the size of the type is appropriate).

Only approved claims, or their synonyms, that are specifically defined in the regulations may be used. All other claims are prohibited.

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